Adoption & Effective Use

Kudos to Central Desktop – User Adoption & Training

One of the reasons for writing User Adoption Strategies was to consolidate a whole lot of practice and experience around making user adoption work. Too often vendors focus on the technology sale, and not the process and work improvement.

So I was delighted to hear yesterday of Central Desktop’s new User Adoption & Training section in their help center – yes, there is material in “Help” about the application, but they have lifted their sights to the wider challenges too.

Here at Central Desktop, we’re dedicated to helping you successfully adopt our products into your business and understand the importance of using the right tools to make it happen. The recently added User Adoption and Training area provides Central Desktop administrators with useful tools that will help lead the way towards a successful implementation of Central Desktop and make sure your users are equipped to put the system to its most effective use.

And, without a doubt, I appreciate the link to my book in there too.

Well done team!

Link: Central Desktop Help Center – User Adoption & Training