"Put on your own Oxygen Mask First" (hat tip, Robert McKay Jones)

Robert McKay Jones from TRIF (Technology Resources & Information Fundamentals) sends a monthly newsletter that I really enjoy. This gem was in his October 2010 newsletter:

I recently listened to Extraordinary Leadership by Robin Sharma. It is a free speech available on audible.com that lasts just over an hour. Sometimes it’s the words people use that resonate with you. Sharma speaks about all of us being a leader, if you can breathe, you can lead. What struck me is his analogy of the use of oxygen masks when flying. In the event of an emergency, you are advised to put your own oxygen mask on first – and then help the people around you. His point? In providing leadership at whatever level, you must tend to yourself before you can tend to others. He suggests you wake at 5 AM every morning and spend an entire hour on yourself.

Spend that time meditating, planning, writing, exercising, walking, thinking or whatever will help you feel better that day. You need to pay attention to yourself every day and doing it first thing in the morning prevents the excuses which are readily available after the day begins. Then begin your day and move to accomplish that which you least want to accomplish. Run towards the things you fear. Embrace that which left undone would gnaw at you. That will help give you the energy and excitement and clarity of purpose.

Read the full newsletter: News from TRIF (October 2010).

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