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SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Master Class – London on November 22-23, 2010

One of the great things about what I do is the opportunity to meet people offering complementary ideas, frameworks, and sessions. One of the people I have had the privilege of meeting over the past couple of years is Paul Culmsee from Seven Sigma in Australia. We have had some great discussions, a meal or two, and attended each others classes.

Paul and Andrew Woodward will be hosting a masterclass in London in November. I can’t attend myself, but if you are looking for guidance on governance and information architecture, I recommend that you learn more about their upcoming masterclass:

Most people understand that deploying SharePoint is much more than getting it installed. Despite this, current SharePoint governance documentation abounds in service delivery aspects. However, just because your system is rock solid, stable, well documented and governed through good process, there is absolutely no guarantee of success. Similarly, if Information Architecture for SharePoint was as easy as putting together lists, libraries and metadata the right way, then why doesn’t Microsoft publish the obvious best practices?

In fact, the secret to a successful SharePoint project is an area that the governance documentation barely touches.

This master class pinpoints the critical success factors for SharePoint governance and Information Architecture and rectifies this blind spot. Paul Culmsee ‘s style takes an ironic and subversive take on how SharePoint governance really works within organisations, while presenting a model and the tools necessary get it right.

More Information and Registration: SharePoint 2010 Governance and Information Architecture Masterclass