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IntraTeam Event in Stockholm – October 5, 2010

I’m in Stockholm today, for the IntraTeam Event in Stockholm, on intranets. There are 25-30 people here.

The day had five presentations, great networking breaks, and coffee (thankfully):

  • The Intranet in 2015, by James Robertson … James cast a vision about how the Intranet could support people in their work, using a couple of real-to-life scenarios. The scenarios really resonated with the attendees, and James did a great job of encouraging discussion during the presentation. For more on James and his work, see On Twitter, he’s @s2d_jamesr.
  • How Newsdesk on the Intranet Helped Shell Save $5 Million, by Rossen Roussev … Rossen talked about the approach he took at Shell to introduce a new capability on the Intranet for competitive analysis purposes, and as a result, rationalized various external competitive contracts and saved $5 million in the first year. Key takeaway: “get out of your chair and go and work with people. There are many opportunities to have a big impact“.See more about Rossen on LinkedIn. On Twitter, he’s @rroussev.
  • The Desk-Free Intranet – Coming Soon to Your Mobile Handset, by Martin White … Users are increasingly mobile, and too many intranets are tied to the desktop or laptop computer. Our intranets need to support mobile access on multiple devices, such as RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, and iPads. Martin talked about Google’s moves in mobile devices, and the expectation by IDC that Android will be the leading mobile device operating system by 2014. Finally, Martin talked about the desire for people to search their email from mobile devices, eg, ISYS Anywhere for email. For more on Martin, see On Twitter, he’s @intranetfocus.
  • Make a Great User Experience Even Better, by Mark Morrell … Mark gave us an overview of the BT Intranet, and how he approaches his work. A big project at BT at the moment is the transition to SharePoint 2010. He also talked about the internal customer satisfaction research they do each year, as well as many other topics. Mark’s four key points: (1) get your priorities right, (2) leading with business needs working closely with IT, (3) standards meeting business, legal, and regulatory needs, and (4) preventing problems before they happen. Mark is the Intranet Manager at BT, and blogs at On Twitter, he’s @markmorrell.
  • Collaboration and the Intranet: How They Connect … This was my session. Key points: (1) There is no technological reason why the Intranet and collaboration can’t connect. (2) The Intranet has a collaborative role today. (3) Adding collaboration to the Intranet introduces new governance themes and extra ownership.

Thanks to Kurt and his team for making the day a reality.

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