A Tribute to BA's Terminal 5 at LHR

My flight to Rome is delayed, and so … here’s a tribute to the beautiful and HUGE Terminal 5 at LHR where I have spend the last few hours (and well done to Arup for making the terminal happen):

Lots of people,
Waiting, watching, staring blankly into space.
Tired people, sleeping.
Busy people, typing.
Hungry people, eating.
All at Terminal 5.

Lots of seats,
Empty, full, or very full.
Red seats, by Wagamama.
Brown seats, by Starbucks.
Comfy seats, in the executive lounges.
All at Terminal 5.

Lots of shops,
For clothing, jewelry, bags and stuff.
Sunglass hut, for your head.
WH Smith, for your eyes.
Dixons, for your ears (and eyes and fingers).
All at Terminal 5.

Lots of planes,
Sitting at gates waiting for people to swallow.
Big ones, for Atlanta.
Not so big ones, for Stockholm.
Smaller ones, for Glasgow.
All at Terminal 5.

Lots of people,
Standing and watching the screens.
“When is my plane leaving?”
“What’s the gate again?”
“Why can’t they pick up the pace?”
All at Terminal 5.

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