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What are you doing with SharePoint? Government

I have been doing a survey on what organizations are doing with SharePoint. There were three questions, the second of which was an industry classification. For some industries, I received enough responses to give an industry breakdown.

Here is the chart for Government (24 responses):

In comparison to the Overall Analysis:

  • “Support team collaboration” has a clear lead on all other usage areas (almost 90%). “Providing document management” and “Publishing Intranet content” are second equal, at just over 50%. For the overall analysis, the difference between 1st and 2nd place was 12% points, not almost 40% points.
  • Government usage of SharePoint lags the wider market in every area, except for two areas: “Supporting team collaboration” (ahead by about 10%), and “Managing business records” (ahead by about 5%). It could be that government organizations have existing systems in place for the other functions, or that their level of maturity is less.
  • The biggest growth areas for government over the next 12 months are “Powering enterprise search” (it more than doubles the current state), “Enabling workflow processes” (it more than doubles the current state), and “Providing business intelligence and insight” (it more than triples current state).
  • Government organizations have a greater likelihood of not using SharePoint for “Encouraging social collaboration” (by 2x the Overall), and for “Managing business records” (also by 2x the Overall). Unlike the Overall, however, no respondents say that they will not use SharePoint for “Supporting team collaboration,” “Powering enterprise search,” “Publishing intranet content,” “Providing business intelligence and insight,” and “Creating business applications.” So while government organizations may have lagged in early adoption, the forecast from this survey is greater take-up over the long-term.

You can see the Overall Analysis based on 239 responses.

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