Microsoft SharePoint

Mobolize for SharePoint — Browser-based Offline Access to SharePoint

As I wrote in the 7 Pillars framework in 2005, offline access is still important for collaboration systems. If people are going to take new collaboration systems seriously as a place to get work done with others, then they need the ability to access their data and applications when away from the office.

Mobolize for SharePoint is a new option in the offline SharePoint space. The main differentiator is that Mobolize provides a browser-based online and offline experience, and claims to support all SharePoint content offline, with full synchronization when reconnecting to the SharePoint server. This includes wiki pages, something that neither SharePoint Workspace 2010 nor Colligo Contributor 4.2 currently support.

Mobolize says it offers the following features:
– Same browser-based experience online and offline.
– When online, SharePoint is “up to 12 times faster.”
– It works on Windows computers, with Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
– Users can open files on SharePoint when offline, edit them, and synchronization will happen automatically when they reconnect to the network.
– Hyperlinks inside documents keep working when offline.

From what Mobolize says, the offering sounds impressive. Are you using it?