Microsoft SharePoint

What are you doing with SharePoint? Legal Services

I have been doing a survey on what organizations are doing with SharePoint. There were three questions, the second of which was an industry classification. For some industries, I received enough responses to give an industry breakdown.

Here is the chart for Legal Services (21 responses):

In comparison to the Overall Analysis:

  • Currently, “Supporting team collaboration” and “Publishing Intranet content” are the two leading areas, with all other areas lagging behind significantly.
  • “Providing document management” services is at 29% today for Legal Services, compared to 64% for Overall. There are strong incumbents in the legal sector for document management – Interwoven (part of Autonomy) and Open Text especially – so this slower uptake is no surprise. There are some legal firms starting to “bet the business” on SharePoint for document management though, so it will be interesting to ask this question again in 2 years.
  • Biggest areas of growth for Legal Services over the next 12 months are “Enabling workflow processes,” “Providing business intelligence and insight,” and “Creating business applications.” There is comparatively more interest in Legal Services for providing BI and creating business applications than in the Overall results.
  • “Encouraging social collaboration” is almost directly the same as for the Overall, which is surprising. Like Professional Services, there is great scope for these capabilities in legal environments.

You can see the Overall Analysis based on 239 responses.