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Thinking and Talking about Using Intranets Strategically – Brightstar's Strategic Intranets Summit 2010

I’m in Wellington today, for Brightstar’s Strategic Intranets Summit for 2010. It’s a one-day conference this year, with a different conference being run tomorrow on improving the customer experience online. It’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow, so I’m not staying for tomorrow.

There are 30 or so people here today, with a few more yet to come (e.g., some of the speakers).

Here’s my notes from the various presentations throughout the day:

  • Opening CommentsDorje McKinnon is the chair of the conference today. Dorje is currently the Online Services Manager at Lincoln University. He promised (threatened?) to show the online ranking of the various speakers throughout the day.
  • Intranets in 2015James Robertson of Step Two Designs in Australia provided the opening keynote presentation. He talked about his current work around “scenarios for the intranet in 2015,” as a way of stimulating thinking about how to do intranets in a few years time. Having said that, James also provided pointers to organizations that are already doing these sorts of things. That is, it’s not just pie in the sky.
  • Developing a Business Case for the Intranet … Steve Lapwood from Intergen talked about developing a business case for intranets. He talked about various areas of business value from intranets – reduced costs, intangible benefits, and the development of new products and services. A business case is like a proposal, but a business case has (should have) a greater focus on post-implementation measurement. For more on developing a business case, Steve recommended checking out the Wikipedia page on business cases.
  • Rolling Out New Features for the Intranet Using AGILE Methodology … Edwin Dando from Clarus talked about using the AGILE methodology to develop new intranet features. Edwin said that it’s hard to get case studies about the use of agile, because firms use it for competitive advantage and don’t want their competitors to know about it. There are a number of methodologies within the agile approach, but all take a relentless focus on delivering to business value.
  • Building a Community of Practice to Achieve Specific OutcomesDan Randow from OnlineGroups is presenting a case study on building a community of practice. The story that Dan is going to tell is about a community he has been working on for the past 3 years.
  • From Document Labyrinth to Information on Demand … Martin Erasmuson from the Nelson City Council is talking about implementing document management at the Council. In 2006, had the traditional list of problems with documents and files (duplication, unsustainable growth, email out of control). This led to a plethora of business challenges and constraints. As a side note, Martin is the author of a book on poetry.
  • Roundtable Discussions … After lunch, we had a series of roundtables – one on SharePoint, one on governance, and one of social media policy. There were 10 people at the SharePoint table, 6 at the governance table, and a large group over at the social media policy table.
  • Information Management, Good Business Practices, and the Public Records Act … Janita Stuart, the Information Manager for the NZ Army talked about good information management. Janita talked about the three aspects of information management — systems, business processes, and people — and used this to discuss the imbalances that can take place, eg, poor systems results in too much work required by the people.
  • Intranet Innovation Awards … Due to the untimely sickness of Mike Riversdale, James Robertson stepped up to the plate and talked about some of the winners from previous Intranet Innovation Awards.
  • Embracing the Culture of Collaboration and Encouraging the User of Intranet Collaboration Workspaces … In the final presentation of the day, I presented on the topic of collaboration culture and user adoption. I didn’t take notes on myself.

For content on Twitter about the conference, see #bsi2010.

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