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Global Intranets Survey 2010 Now Open

Jane McConnell’s Global Intranet Survey is in its 5th year. At the end of the survey process, Jane writes a very helpful summary of the key trends in Intranets. I have seen two of the reports, and if Intranets is your life, you need to as well.

One way to get a copy of the final report is to take the survey!

Jane says there are some new things in year 5 of the survey, including:

The internal-external blend
We also explore how the internal and external worlds interact. Today intranet managers can no longer limit their job scope to the internal world: our survey can no longer treat the intranet as a purely internal tool.

Strategy and scope of the intranet
Intranets are becoming more mature, more business-oriented, more user-friendly. But there are still many challenges left. We explore the different “pieces” that make up the intranet, how they fit together, overall strategy drivers, entry page strategies, team and community spaces and more.

Social media strategies and maturity
We’re taking a snapshot of how organizations are moving on social media. We have investigated this for 3 years and are asking some tough questions this time around. We look at whether social media strategies are top-down, bottom-up or both. We explore how social media is embedded in processes and how user adoption is encouraged. We will be able to see how early adopters’ approaches compare to enterprises with less experience.

To learn about the sign-up requirements, see Qualifications for Survey Participants.

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