Adoption & Effective Use

SharePoint for Collaboration: User Adoption Strategies

Published March 2010

This report analyzes the governance theme of User Adoption Strategies when using SharePoint for collaboration.

Table of Contents
The report is 21-pages in length. The report contents includes:

The Issue
The Options
Current Practice
– SharePoint Plus Other Tools
– Size of Organization
– Written User Adoption Strategy
– User Adoption Strategies in Use Today
– Effectiveness of User Adoption Strategies
– User Adoption Strategies: What Worked Well (6 key strategies)
– User Adoption Strategies: Doing Differently (4 key recommendations)

This report is for Governance Teams charged with making effective use of SharePoint for collaboration at their organizations.

Download SharePoint for Collaboration: User Adoption Strategies (March 2010) (PDF, 21 pages, 0.5 MB)

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