New Report: User Adoption Strategies Governance Theme

I talked about the survey results from my recent User Adoption Strategies survey all over Europe earlier this month, and now those same results are available in written form for everyone. To set the context, this is one of about 10 reports that will make up the SharePoint Roadmap Governance Themes workbook.

The report looks at the governance theme of User Adoption Strategies when using SharePoint for collaboration. From the Executive Summary:

How will you encourage effective user adoption of SharePoint for collaboration? Your organization has spent the time and money getting SharePoint installed, and now what? There are many strategies that can be used, some of which are effective, and some of which are not so effective. Choose the effective strategies, and you will see people making the transition to SharePoint. Settle on the ineffective strategies, and you will waste time and effort, along with turning people off. What’s your plan for this essential governance issue?

Have at it! The report is available immediately if this is something of interest and relevance to you.

And my thanks to the almost 200 people who filled out the User Adoption Strategies survey from SharePoint organizations. That was neat … and if you gave me your contact details, then I have sent out your complimentary copy today.

The next theme is Site Closure Policy … I’ll have the survey up for that next week (after Easter).

0 thoughts on “New Report: User Adoption Strategies Governance Theme

  1. User adoption is something that is of real interest to us. I haven’t got round to downloading the full report – but it is good that there are more articles written on the subject – if users are put off at the beginning – it can take a lot of time and effort to bring them back on board.

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