Adoption & Effective Use

New Report: User Adoption Strategies for Central Desktop Users

I’ve been talking about the findings from my recent survey on User Adoption Strategies all over Europe, but had to put on hold the actual writing up of the document. The first document is now done: the analysis of the results from over 200 organizations using the Central Desktop service.

The key extract from the report is this:

The key insight from Questions 4 and 5 is that, generally speaking, the most commonly used user adoption strategies were not ranked by the respondents as being the most effective strategies for encouraging user adoption. What was commonly used did not always equate with what was seen as effective.

However, that’s only half of the truth. The second key insight is that the most effective user adoption strategies rely on the most commonly used user adoption strategies being implemented first. Somewhere people have to be trained on the basic concepts of the tool—how to describe Central Desktop, what its various tools are, how it works conceptually. This is essential material that provides the underlying context for the more personal touch—the over-the-shoulder watching (one-to-one coaching), the zero other options, real-to-life scenarios, easy first steps, and others.

For purchasing details (and free access to the Summary), see User Adoption Strategies: The Central Desktop Approach.