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Day Off in London, So I'm Leaving

It’s Saturday morning in London, almost 9am, and I’m at Paddington Station awaiting a train to Oxford. I’ve already walked from my hotel in High Holborn to Oxford Circus station (nice brisk walk on a brisk morning), navigated the Underground to get to Paddington, and purchased my return ticket to Oxford. All good … and now for a breather (and a coffee at Starbucks) before going to Oxford.

Why Oxford? A couple of reasons.
– I’ve never been there. When I was here in March 1994, I wanted to go to Oxford for a day, but went to Cambridge instead. It’s Oxford’s turn today.
– One of my professors from the University of Canterbury from the early 90s now lives at Oxford. I’m going to say hi to him and his wife.

So … have a great weekend, wherever you be.

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