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News Updates (February 4, 2010)

Oracle Beehive 2.0 … Oracle posted version 2.0 of Oracle Beehive for download. “Oracle Beehive is a unified collaboration solution providing a complete range of integrated collaboration services including conferencing, instant messaging, email, calendar, and team workspaces that can be deployed either on premise or as a hosted service. These Beehive software downloads are free and you can use full versions of the products at no charge while developing and prototyping your applications (or for strictly self-educational purposes). In some cases, certain downloads (such as Beta releases) have licenses with slightly different terms.More
– Oracle Beehive product page.
– Oracle also released Mobile Communicator for the iPhone. Supports email, directory search, meeting stuff.
– Try out Oracle Beehive in a 30-day free trial.

iPad to Kill iPhone … Galen argues that the iPad will kill the iPhone. “Achieving Steve Jobs’ long-held dream of creating a tablet device as cool and useful as the one we’ve seen for years on science fiction shows now appears to be a dream realized, in the form of the iPad. Ironically, the iPad makes the iPhone — Apple’s game-changing technology of 2007, whose impact still reverberates through the wireless, mobile, and computing industries — obsolete. And as the iPhone fades away as a short-lived marvel, so too will disappear the mobile Web.More
– Basic argument is that the iPhone will become “just a phone” for most people, as they’ll use the iPad for all the other stuff — email, web, etc.
– Commenters appear to disagree, eg, I’ll ditch my iPhone for an iPad just as soon as my grandmother finishes sewing 12 inch pockets on all my shirts.

Twitter Going Down? … RJMetrics published a report looking at the slowing rate of adoption of Twitter. “The study found that by year-end Twitter had just over 75 million user accounts. What was particularly interesting was that the monthly rate of new user accounts peaked in July 2009 and is currently running at around 6.2 million new accounts per month (or 2 to 3 per second). What’s important is that this rate is about 20% below July’s peak rate.More

Is SharePoint 2010 for ECM? … Colligo Networks is hosting a webinar called “Is SharePoint 2010 Ready for Enterprise Content Management”. Tricia from Microsoft is the guest speaker. “Join us for this timely webinar where Tricia Bush, Director of Microsoft’s SharePoint Enterprise Business, will discuss SharePoint 2010 as an ECM platform. She’ll show some of the new 2010 ECM features and how Microsoft has extended the platform particularly in the area of metadata management, records management, and scalability. Barry Jinks, Founder and CEO of Colligo, will discuss how Colligo’s client solutions add value to SharePoint 2010 and provide critical functionality for integrating Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.” Registration required … it’s on March 2. More

Qantas Going Exchange … Qantas is dropping Lotus Notes and migrating to Exchange Server. From an executive: ““Subject to satisfactory piloting, we anticipate the migration to be substantially completed by the end of the year.” It is expected that around 20,000 staff will be migrated to the Microsoft platform. Hall said Qantas would also be consolidating “a large number” of Lotus Notes applications and databases as part of its drive to “standardise, reduce and simplify” the number of business applications and tools it used.More

Large Companies Staying with Microsoft … Large enterprises are more likely to stay with in-house infrastructure from Microsoft (and others), rather than switching to Google Apps. “Enterprise customers usually cite concerns about data security and compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as reasons for their reluctance to use non-Office productivity apps.More

Other News
– The iMac 27″ screen flickering problem is apparently resolved.
– TANDBERG and Cisco demo’d three-screen telepresence interoperability.
– Toshiba America Business Solutions is experiencing early success with Jive Social Business Software for a sales channel community.
– Five habits of sleeping well. Note to all: having small children makes sleep difficult. I. Should. Know.

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