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News Updates (February 2, 2010)

Apps Store for Google Apps … Google is planning to release an App Store for its Google Apps service. “The store, to launch in March, will give developers the opportunity to profit from developing for Google’s popular enterprise email and document processing service, Google Apps …. Like Apple, Google will take a cut from every software sale but will initially provide its marketplace for free to attract developers.More
– Google says it already has an app store (sort of).

Document Review Service for Lawyers … Encore Discovery launched a document review service for attorneys. “Encore Discovery Solutions, a knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery and related services, has announced the launch of its attorney document review service, providing privilege and responsiveness reviews of documents for litigation, government reviews, and investigations. Encore’s Attorney Document Review Service is part of its fully integrated discovery services offering spanning the entire discovery lifecycle and is designed to help clients materially reduce the cost of discovery without sacrificing quality.More

Managed Document Review Services … Kelly Law Registry announced DiscoveryMetrics, for reporting on the metrics of document reviews projects. “By managing attorney performance using DiscoveryMetrics, Kelly Law Registry offers law firms and in-house counsel a single, highly sophisticated, web-based dashboard that enables the analysis of productivity, quality, and financial metrics across all document review projects, and all document review platforms.More

SAP Collaboration Beta … SAP is about to released the beta of 12Sprints, its new collaboration tool. “Code-named 12Sprints, the application serves as a sort of virtual war room, allowing users to solve business problems collaboratively, in real time. It is organized around activities that use a variety of “method” tools, such as a pro vs. con chart or SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) matrix. 12Sprints, which will be renamed once it becomes generally available, takes a “radically open” approach to integration and access, said David Meyer, senior vice president of emerging technologies.More

Other News
– Erik’s got 10 reasons why the iPad will be a hit with business users.
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