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News Updates (February 1, 2010)

Web 2.0 at Work … Recent research from a law firm found that 52% of UK organizations are restricting access to Web 2.0 tools at work. “However, with information now widely acknowledged as the most valuable business currency – particularly during tough economic times – blocking Web 2.0 access could seriously damage an organisation’s competitive advantage. Not only do social networking processes give employees the ability to locate the right people, information and expertise quickly, but they also greatly aid external networking, sales and marketing activities. The instant nature of communication in a Web 2.0 world is a major part of the business appeal of these tools – but there is a fine line to tread.More

New Optical Mouse … Simtrix (from Christchurch, New Zealand) has developed a new style optical mouse, for use by people on the go. “ … Simtrix’ wireless, optical mouse will be designed to be gripped like a pen. It will appeal to people with laptops who don’t want to use built-in touchpads, but who may have no flat surface to work on. Instead, the mouse will use the laptop itself as its surface.More
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Oracle Cloud Office … Oracle announced plans for an online office suite, based on More

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