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News Updates (January 26, 2010)

TimeBridge Business Plus … TimeBridge added a new business plan to its meeting scheduling service. “With these packages, TimeBridge offers an automatically generated private virtual conference room for small businesses, allowing them to instantly schedule and connect over phone and web conferencing systems with a single click. By using TimeBridge Business Plus, companies can save nearly 70% over what they may spend on WebEx, Citrix or Adobe. TimeBridge’s robust web conferencing is flash-based for easy screen sharing with no attendee download making live web and desktop demos a smooth experience and video conferencing options ensure interactive and collaborative presentations and brainstorms.More
– Review at VentureBeat.

Collaboration: Workflow, not Tools … Jono talks through his thinking around focusing collaboration on the workflow, not the tooling. “The challenge we faced is that while our community have been rocking in taking part in the shot conversations, we didn’t have a general space for collaboration. As an example, one such listener, Alastair Munroe, wanted to put together a collection of publicity stunt ideas that our listeners could engage in to raise the profile of the show and have a bit of fun. To do this we needed a place where people could come together to store ideas, and we needed a means of spreading the word about how to add ideas and participate. The natural temptation was to say “let’s just set up a wiki and be done with it”, but instead we sat down and explored our workflow.More

Bamboo Hosting … Bamboo Solutions announced a new division to offer SharePoint hosting. “The company said that the new division, the Bamboo Online Applications Group, will lead Bamboo’s efforts to introduce predefined Software as a Service (SaaS) business applications that leverage the SharePoint platform. The organization will mark its formation with Bamboo’s first hosted SharePoint application, Bamboo Requirements Manager.More

Biscom and SharePoint … Biscom supports the integration of faxing with SharePoint libraries. “Together with Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing technology, sales orders, mortgage documents, healthcare forms, service requests, shipping manifests, customs documents, prescriptions, legal documents, and many other types of documents that businesses must process every day are intelligently routed through a configurable rules-based process directly into the right SharePoint sites, libraries and folders.More

Other News
– Flurry thinks it has evidence about the forthcoming Apple tablet.
– If the Apple tablet doesn’t happen, there are alternatives.
– Operating systems for mobile devices: Linux vs Windows Mobile.
– Air New Zealand announced a new economy bed.

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