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News Updates (January 22, 2010)

Don’t Forget to Talk!! … Globally distributed teams need to talk; not just swap emails and the like. “The 675 Intel employees included in the study worked in 53 locations in 22 countries. They completed an online survey about their project teams, reporting how closely they worked with each team member, the frequency with which they communicated with team members using different technologies (including email, telephone, instant messaging and web conferencing), and the extent to which their work suffered from “coordination delay,” or time lost while waiting for responses or information from another group member. Teams whose work hours did not overlap at all experienced the most coordination delay, despite the use of email and other technologies that do not require live communication …. Cummings, Espinosa and Pickering recommend that managers take steps to reduce the impact of non-overlapping work hours on teams. One way to do this is by shifting schedules so team members in one or both locations work non-standard hours, allowing them one or two hours of overlap with other team members. Another approach is to divide project duties between team locations so that tasks requiring frequent interaction are handled by team members with overlapping hours.More on File Viewing … added an integrated file viewer to its service, enabling users to view files in the browser without having to open the actual authoring application. “You can now view files instantly, without ever leaving your browser. Box’s integrated file view feature lets you view the most popular file formats, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, audio and video. It lets you flow through all your content in one place, without downloading or worrying about whether you have the right application to view a file. To activate this feature, just go to Settings, Display, and set Content Preview to All Files.” There is also a new file embedding capability, to support the file viewing one. More
– The technology is from the Increo Solutions acquisition.
– The capabilities in this area are better than SharePoint and Google Docs.

Newsgator Acquired Tomoye … Newsgator acquired Tomeye, to enhance its social networking capabilities in SharePoint. “Newsgator has always had deep ties with Microsoft. it began as a news aggregator that embedded into Outlook. In recent years, Newsgator has transformed into a collaboration provide that is clearly focused on integrating with Sharepoint. Microsoft seems to look kindly on Newsgator as a partner. In contrast, companies like Jive, that integrate with Sharepoint, are seen more as competitors. The acquisition appears to give Newsgator deeper social networking capabilities but perhaps more so gives it a position in the Government 2.0 world.More
– Per Newsgator’s blog, the Tomeye team will remain in their current geographical location.
– Mike Gotta offers his take on the acquisition (“this is a prudent move by NewsGator“)

Lotus Connections .Next … The next edition of Lotus Connections will have new social analytics and moderation capabilities. “IBM’s Lotus Connections software is getting several upgrades as it speeds towards a fourth version of its release for the second half of 2010, an IBM executive told eWEEK at Lotusphere 2010 Jan. 19. Recommendations, ratings, rankings and reputations capabilities paired with business intelligence apps from Cognos will form the social analytics technologies in Lotus Connections Next. Connections Next will also include greater moderation of user-generated content and new compliance and auditing capabilities.More

HyperOffice to Google … HyperOffice outlines how it has beaten Google to the market with online collaboration tools, and argues that Google still has a lot to learn. “But our most important lesson, which Google is yet to learn is – business users, especially small businesses are looking for more than just software tools. They want assistance at every step – from being trained to use the software, to having real people who treat their problems at priority, to having business advice about how to best use software tools. They want to be less and less involved in the technical side of software, and simply concentrate on doing their work better. And it is this lesson we have incorporated in our business model.More

PBworks and Productive Environment Institute … The Productive Environment Institute launched a new set of products built on the PBworks collaboration platform. “These value-added products adapt the PBworks product for four application- and industry-specific use cases, including personal organization, law practices, virtual assistants, event planners, and business and life coaches. The products launched today are known as iPEP (for “interactive Productive Environment Platform”) Premium Editions.More

SharePoint 2010 Online … Microsoft will be upgrading SharePoint Online to support 2010 in the second half of 2010. “SharePoint Online today, based on SharePoint 2007, does a good job providing some of the core SharePoint capabilities. In the second half of this calendar year, SharePoint Online will be updated to SharePoint 2010 at which point it will be even more powerful & provide even greater parity with SharePoint 2010 “On-Premises”. This is largely due to all the investments we’ve made in the 2010 wave around multi-tenancy and extensibility. SharePoint Online is available today. The current service is based on the SharePoint 2007 platform. A limited beta of SharePoint Online on the 2010 platform is expected to be available at the end of this half (CY10H1); final release is expected in the second half of this year (CY10H2). More

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