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Lotusphere 2010: Notes from Day 1

Day 1 of IBM annual Lotusphere conference was today, in Orlando. Here’s what I’ve seen announced or discussed during the day. And no, I’m not in attendance.

Announcements and Discussion Points
From IBM’s press release about Project Vulcan:
– Project Vulcan is IBM’s new blueprint for the future of collaboration, with new capabilities around reducing personal information overload and expertise location.
– Capabilities from Project Vulcan will be integrated into future editions of products, eg, LotusLive, Notes and Domino, Connections, Quickr, and WebSphere Portal.
– Beta due in 2H2010.
– From Ed Brill (of IBM), one of the ideas is “social analytics and business analytics combined and applied to industry-specific scenarios — making collaboration more focused and relevant.”
– IBM wants to shift from “linked value” to “loosely-coupled services”.

– Screenshot courtsey of Ed Brill on Flickr.

From IBM’s press release about LotusLive:
– IBM created LotusLive Labs, to bring together IBM Research and Lotus around enhancing cloud collaboration services and capabilities. New technology previews were shown for a Slide Library (isn’t that a SharePoint term?), Collaborative Recorded Meetings, Event Maps (for visualizing conference schedules), and Composer (for creating mashups).
James Governor likes the new Labs idea, because of how it brings customers into the mix faster.
– IBM announced plans to extend LotusLive APIs to any IBM business partner in 2H2010.
– IBM announced that the next version of LotusLive Notes will be easier to get, with new mixed deployment options.

The next version of LotusLive Notes will provide email, calendar, contact management and instant messaging capabilities to customers in a multi-tenant environment. The LotusLive Notes service will be optimized to support hybrid on-premise and cloud deployments with standard support for directory synchronization between on-premise directories and the cloud, access to application and mail workflows that remain on-premise, and entitlement for every user to use either a browser or the Lotus Notes client to access their email. New services and options will include a reduction in the minimum number of users for a LotusLive Notes subscription from 1,000 to 25, IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging support and a 5GB standard mailbox quota. IBM is now accepting requests to participate in the LotusLive Notes managed beta program

– From Ed Brill, part of the revised LotusLive Notes service is an updated back-end, to be put into beta in 1H2010.

From IBM’s press release about RIM and Lotus:
– Both Quickr and Connections can be accessed through new clients for the RIM BlackBerry device.
– With Connections on RIM, people can tap expertise and work with internal knowledge bases.
– With Quickr on RIM, people can work on collaborative team projects.
– From Ed Brill, RIM is adopting Lotus software for their internal use.

From Ed Brill on Lotus Notes Traveler in 2010:
– Lotus Notes Traveler Companion is a new iPhone application for Lotus Notes. It’s available immediately on the Apple App Store.

Traveler Companion allows iPhone users to read their encrypted Lotus Notes Mail. It requires a fixpack to Traveler 8.5.1, which was posted yesterday for download. Also in that fixpack, by the way, is support for basic calendar workflow on the iPhone (accept/decline meetings etc.). This is all cool stuff, and I’m especially proud of our engineering team for being the first mainstream e-mail vendor to directly support encrypted mail on the iPhone.

– An Android client is in progress.
– There are a variety of other things coming during 2010: Traveler support in Domino for Linux, a new mobile installer, and Lotus Foundations support, among others.

Other news:
– IBM announced a revised Solutions Catalog, which enables customers to see a range of third-party applications for Lotus products. It’s available immediately at, and one of the featured applications is Eric’s eProductivity for Lotus Notes (Eric has pictures).
– IBM’s Client for Smart Work is now available in India. It’s available through IBM partners.
– Lotus Domino will be available as a test image on Amazon EC2 soon.
– Later in 2010, Lotus Notes and Domino will only be available from certified business partners (“Sofwware Value Plus” partners).
– There is more news coming tomorrow. It wasn’t all announced on day 1.
– You can track Lotusphere 2010 news and views on Twitter (hashtag #ls10).