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News Updates (January 18, 2010)

Gmail 2010 vs Lotus Notes 1995 … PC Pro compares the planned additions to Gmail with Lotus Notes from the mid-1990s. “Comparing the Notes architecture back then (all of which is still in the product, even now) with what Google is laboriously developing, as if there were no prior art, is pretty illuminating: Notes does smart replication between servers and clients, works offline or in low-bandwidth connections admirably well, secures the inter-machine traffic with robust levels of encryption, doesn’t have to sit on top of protocols used for other things, stamps messages with irrefutable digital identities so you can verify who the sender really is. These are all things which SMTP (on the one hand) and webmail over http (on the other) are struggling to reproduce, the best part of 20 years later.More

CASAHL Update … CASAHL announced a forthcoming upgrade to its tools for analyzing, integrating and migrating Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft technologies. Eg, “CASAHL Lotus Notes Application Analyzer 2010 (first released in 2003): The leading analysis system to provide Lotus Notes users a comprehensive understanding of their environment. All of the over 700 customers are using the product to clean up, consolidate and plan their migration project; CASAHL ecKnowledge for SharePoint: A part of CASAHL’s flagship product, ecKnowledge version 9.7 (first released in 1997). This product supports drag and drop migration of multiple application types (Notes/Domino, QuickPlace, Dom.Doc, Quickr for Domino, Quickr for Websphere, FileNet, Content Manager, file Systems, etc.) to SharePoint (including SharePoint Online), with automatic SharePoint site provisioning and security.More

Atlassian Confluence for Learning … Atlassian Confluence is good for social learning. “Atlassian today announced that its advanced enterprise wiki Confluence was named “Best Social Learning Tool” by Elearning! Magazine in the 2009 “Best of Elearning!” competition. Voters praised the software for its “excellent integration with LMS” and its ability to “be done from an enterprise IT system.” Confluence beat out Ning and Facebook to win the award. Confluence combines powerful online authoring capabilities, deep Office integration and an extensive plugin catalog to help people work better together and share information effortlessly. Hundreds of universities and state colleges use Confluence for classroom learning, sharing of instructor resources, knowledge management, documentation, as university-wide intranets and classroom and campus administration.More

Virtual Bullpen for Agile Development … Shannon outlines how a recent agile project worked successfully with collaboration tools to create a virtual bullpen. “The scrum team I worked with for the past 9 months was fully distributed from day one, and within our first two sprints we had managed to find tools and adopt collaboration techniques that reduced the “communication drag” to zero. By the third sprint and beyond, several of us who normally worked together in the physical bullpen often worked from home and the team noticed no “drag” whatsoever. (Two of our members were permanently situated in remote geographic locations.) Not only was there no difference in communication bandwidth regardless of where anyone was working on a given day, but we actually had several occasions to witness that our communication bandwidth was faster than some teams that were fully collocated and did not use the tools and techniques that we did.More

FewClix for Notes … Synaptris announced the beta of FewClix, a new email plug in for Lotus Notes. “Synaptris is taking sign-ups for the public beta of the add-on starting today, on the eve of the Lotusphere show. which starts Sunday. The beta works with Lotus Notes 6.0 all the way up to the latest Notes 8.5.1. Kumar promised users that they will save 30 minutes a day with FewClix’s various productivity-enhancing features.More

Polycom and Lotus … Polycom announced expanded integration between its conferencing tools and the Lotus software portfolio. “The Polycom solution will allow users to “Click-to-Call” and “Click-to-Conference” telepresence, video, voice and unified (combined voice and video) conferencing from presence-enabled contacts within IBM Lotus Sametime and Lotus Notes. In addition, Lotus Sametime Web conferencing users will be able to launch Instant Meetings with voice and video conferences, or include a voice or video conference as part of scheduled web conference.More

Other Items
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– Network World lists 10 firms that threaten Google in 2010, including Amazon and Apple.
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– Kodak sued Apple and RIM over infringement of camera patents.

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