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Thank You, and Merry Christmas

With a rush and a roar, the end of the year is upon us. Here where I live in New Zealand, it’s the rush and roar of the hot Nor’wester wind. For many in Europe and America, it’s the rush of cold weather, and the angry roar of passengers stranded in airports.

I am grateful for the opportunities and lessons of 2009. Opportunities to present workshops around the world, opportunities to serve clients near and far, and opportunities to write another book, blog posts, and analyst reports.

There have been many lessons too. In particular, I feel like I have learnt much about running a business. Some of those lessons I was able to put into practice during 2009, and others are pending for 2010.

I’m on holiday (or “vacation” for my American readers) with my family (above), and will be back on January 11. I pray that you have a blessed Christmas, and a happy new year.

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