Industry Updates

News Updates (December 21, 2009)

Google Acquired DocVerse … Google acquired startup DocVerse, for around $25 million. “Docverse lets users collaborate directly on Microsoft Office documents. Appjet, another recent Google Acquisition, has a related product called EtherPad, although that team is reported to be working with Google Wave and the EtherPad source code has been releasedto the community. DocVerse is a product Google is likely to keep. The company was founded by Microsoft veterans Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui. Shia drove product strategy for SharePoint and SQL Server, $1.6B and $3.0B products, respectively. DeNui ran Microsoft SQL Server’s web strategy.More

Evernote for Android … Evernote added Android device support to its online service. “Evernote for Android allows you to create text notes, snap photos, and record audio. In addition, you can easily attached files to your notes. Free subscribers can add PDFs, text, audio, or image files. Premium subscribers can attach any file they like, as long as the total note size is under 25MB.
When creating your notes, Evernote for Android lets you specify titles, tags, and destination notebooks.

Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010 … Stephen provides an overview of managed metadata in SharePoint 2010. “Why is taxonomy arguably the most important new feature in SharePoint 2010? Hasn’t SharePoint always had metadata? There are many useful tagging features in the new release, but another important aspect is the potential unlocked by the new infrastructure. As a Microsoft PM, I heard a clear refrain from customers and partners. I’ll paraphrase it in this way: “Sure, we’d like you to do everything, but we know you can’t. Please just give us the foundation so we can do what’s necessary for our business needs.” [Pardon the SharePoint Foundation pun.] By adding the managed metadata service plumbing to SharePoint, customers and partners have the opportunity to use and extend the taxonomy system.More

Microsoft in 2010 … ChannelWeb offers 10 predictions about Microsoft for 2010. Eg, #1 “Microsoft product release fatigue will be one of the most talked about illnesses of 2010. The symptoms of this ailment include: (1) Panic from not being able to differentiate one product marketing pitch from another; (2) Sweating from trying to keep track of product release rumors and timeframes; and (3) Randomly occurring outbursts of screaming that take awhile to subside.” The SharePoint prediction is #8. More

Pleasetech Cartoons … Pleasetech’s got some great cartoons about working with other people on documents. Eg, the “review meeting approach to document co-authoring” … More

BC Mobile … Business Collaborator added new mobile device access capabilities to its collaboration service. “BC Mobile allows users of internet enabled mobile devices – such as the Apple iPhone, Blackberry Curve, LG Arena, Nokia N97 – to access their BC 5.3 system from wherever they happen to be. BC 5.3 is the latest version of BC’s industry renowned web-based project collaboration service, and as well as being the construction sector’s most configurable document-driven process management tool, it is also used by utility and retail organisations.More

Other Items
– An alternative view of mind mapping.
– There’s an Australian SharePoint Conference coming in June 2010, in Sydney.
– TechSmith released a Mac edition of Snagit, its screen capture software. I use the Windows edition on my PC, and it was the software-of-choice for all the screen shots for Seamless Teamwork.