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News Updates (November 12, 2009)

Logitech Acquired LifeSize … Logitech acquired LifeSize, a high definition video firm, for $405m. “Founded in 2003, LifeSize expects approximately $90 million in revenue in calendar 2009, with 2010 revenue expected to grow 40 percent to 60 percent, Logitech said in a news release. Logitech expects the acquisition to be neutral to slightly positive to its operating income, excluding acquisition-related expenses, in FY 2011, ending March 31, and positive thereafter. Among other things, Logitech manufactures peripherals like cameras that can be used for video calls using personal computers, and it provides a free video calling service to stimulate sales of that equipment. The company had $2.2 billion in revenue in its fiscal year 2009.More

Dealing with Information Overload … Nikos from Gartner describes how to deal with information overload: culture and discipline. “The way to deal with it largely comes down to culture and personal discipline. Personal discipline, meaning you just have to block it out if you are busy. On the culture side, it’s more to do with education, best practices, making it clear what is and what is not acceptable when it comes to real-time interruption. A lot of real-time interruptions can be converted into persistent chats that can be stored somewhere, so they end up being part of the rest of the stream of messages. Voicemail can be easily converted to email as an attachment you can find later, for example.More
– Other ideas:
– … use a client that aggregates lots of different channels.
– … use rules in email to filter what’s important to you.
– … use email as a jumping off place into persistent spaces, when that makes sense.

SharePoint Bubble to Burst? … Alan from CMSWatch wonders if the SharePoint bubble is about to burst. “Discussions with a number of ECM practice leads at major SIs (System Integrators) have told me that SharePoint is no longer perceived as a silver bullet by larger enterprise customers. SIs report that many purchased licenses have not gotten deployed, and that some hard lessons were learned when SharePoint was allowed to grow at viral rates. Once bitten twice shy. Without doubt SharePoint still has its fans within large organizations, but there is enough real world experience floating around now to recognize both SharePoint’s strengths and its limitations. Many large deals that would have simply defaulted to Microsoft and SharePoint a year or two ago, instead go out to competitive tender. These are not my only data points, but they start to paint a picture.More

DocVerse … David explains how DocVerse adds collaboration capabilities to Microsoft Office. DocVerse “ instantly turns your Microsoft Office applications for Word, Excel & PowerPoint, into an office collaboration tool. The plugin works similar to Google Docs, and allows you to collaborate on documents with your colleagues. Updates and edits made by your colleagues can be seen in real time. Also, a version of your file is stored on the Docverse cloud server, so you can access your files when your on the run.” 60-day free trial available. More

Other Items
– Chee Chong on first impressions of Oracle Beehive, “I’m not very impressed. I’m confused, in fact.
– Visual tour of the Motorola Droid.
– … apparently Verizon sold 100,000 Droids over the first weekend.
– Brien comments on integrating Exchange Public Folders and SharePoint 2007 (“far more difficult than you might expect”).
– The Lotusphere 2010 blog is live. 66 days to go!

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