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News Updates (October 20, 2009)

Central Desktop in Intuit App Center … Central Desktop announced that its collaboration services are now available through the Intuit App Center. “The Intuit App Center is featured in QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010, providing users access to scalable, software-as-a-service business applications directly from within QuickBooks. The applications featured in the Intuit App Center help users grow their businesses, reduce costs and manage workflow and customers.” A 15-day free trial is available. More

Real-Time Authoring … Jessica looks at the state of real-time co-authoring of documents, and how to get beyond email and attachments. “With the release of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft will be embedding richer document co-authoring capabilities directly into its office productivity suite, says Peter King, Office Server Group Manager at the company. Groups of workers will be able to create PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets and Word documents collaboratively, with a box on the screen listing who is currently editing the document. Once the reviewer saves their changes, colleagues can look at them and offer suggestions or approval.More

Zoho Projects for Google Apps … Zoho announced an integration between Zoho Projects and Google Apps. “Zoho Projects for Google Apps allows customers to enjoy the functionality of Zoho Projects while at the same time having an integrated experience with their Google Apps account.” Features including Google Doc uploads, viewing project milestones from Zoho in Google Calendar, and more. More

SocialCalc Beta No More … Socialtext removed the beta tag from SocialCalc, its distributed spreadsheet service. “SocialCalc enables large and distributed teams to collaborate across spreadsheets, as an alternative to playing e-mail volleyball with Excel(TM) attachments. Many of our customers have already been having great success using SocialCalc in conjunction with our Socialtext Workspaces (wikis) and Socialtext Signals (microblogging).” Available immediately. More, ReadWriteEnterprise

Groove 3.1 End of Life … With the pending release of SharePoint Workspace 2010 (the successor to Groove), Groove 3.1 and related products are being end-of-life’d. “The upcoming release of the Microsoft Office 2010 includes the second successor to Groove Virtual Office 3.1 and to the Groove 3.1 server products. These products were obtained by Microsoft in 2005 from Groove Networks. In keeping with the original support policy of Groove Networks, support for these products will be discontinued when Microsoft releases Microsoft Office 2010. The Groove 3.1 products will not have any Extended Support. Additionally, at the end of the support period, the services that are related to these products and that are outlined in this article will no longer be available. Microsoft Office Groove 2007 will follow the standard Microsoft product life cycle.More

SharePoint Numbers … Eric investigates the licensing numbers being claimed by Microsoft around SharePoint, and includes notes from a discussion with me. “Sampson wrote a widely read blog post in March 2008 decrying Microsoft’s announcement of its 100 million users and its $1 billion revenue figure. “Licensed users does not equal real users,” he said, estimating that the percentage of SharePoint licensees actually using the software is “more than 40% but less than 70%.” It could be even lower. An IDC poll of 262 enterprise IT managers published this month found that an average of 22% of corporate employees were actively using SharePoint.” Note that the 40-70% figure was about now, not 2008. More

Calendar Federation in Exchange 2010 … Exchange 2010 will have better calendar federation capabilities. “The best news may be for fans of calendar federation. In Exchange 2007, only calendars on the same server in the same company can be federated and joined in useful ways. Exchange 2010 offers calendar federation across servers, across companies, across to Microsoft’s Exchange Online hosted service, and even one-to-one calendar joins. My take is that the cross-server calendar federation will receive cheers. Those companies diving into cross-company federations with small groups of users, down to a one-to-one link, will beg for better management tools immediately. Stick with cross-company and workgroup links to critical suppliers and customers, and don’t mention the one-to-one federation options to any vice presidents who get grand ideas.” Now the question is … does it federate with SharePoint 2010??? More

Summaries about SharePoint Conference Day 1 … More summaries from Day 1 of the SharePoint Conference 2009:
– Dan Holme on SharePointPro Connections (“What impresses me more than anything (and there is a lot to be impressed with) is just how astronomical the growth of this product, and the “ecosystem” that surrounds it, has grown. This event is twice as big as last year’s, and is actually bigger than some recent TechEds, even though this is dedicated to one product.“)
– Apoorv Durga from CMS Watch (“However, like all roadmaps, no one can be sure of what actually makes it to the final release. This will be a major release, going much beyond cosmetic name changes and rebranding. Microsoft’s marketing will have you believe that because it’s one single platform consisting of Sites (Portal), Communities (Collaboration), Content (ECM and WCM), Insights (Analytics), Composites (Mashups) and Search, your TCO will be lower as compared to that of competition. But make sure you evaluate carefully. We will be closely watching and reporting.“)

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