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News Updates (October 15, 2009)

ROI on Advanced Collaboration Solutions … Research sponsored by Cisco and Verizon found that firms who use advanced collaboration technologies for meetings get positive ROI. “So what did it find? Businesses and government agencies deploying increasingly more sophisticated collaboration tools — such as VoIP soft phones, immersive video and fixed mobile convergence — saw a corresponding improvement in business results relative to the amount invested. The overall average Return on Collaboration (ROC) score was 4.2 — meaning organizations received an average return of four times their investment in deploying collaboration technologies in terms of improvement across business-critical areas.More
– More information, including videos, diagrams, and the research paper are available from Verizon Business

Glasscubes … Glasscubes released its namesake collaboration service, saying it’s the “simplist application in the world”. “Created in 2008, Glasscubes is now offering its consolidation of easy-to-use tools aimed at improving productivity in the workplace. Comprising secure, branded, online intranet, document management, project management and CRM, collaborators share documents, calendars, tasks, opinions and discussions, while employees can log sales opportunities, track customer issues and easily locate information on any customer or contact.More

Video Downsides … Jeff offers a light-hearted review of the downsides of video conferencing. “To put it simply, I think video makes me work too hard. Below are just a few examples of how video has impacted my day to day routine: (1) I can no longer sleep in until 3 minutes before my first conference call. People now expect me to get up at a reasonable time to start my day with a shower and a clean set of clothes, (2) There is this one person I work with on a regular basis that seems to go on and on. Before we started using video, I liked to check out CNN while he talked, (3) Video has made it impossible for me to go on mute and make sarcastic comments or gestures during staff calls, and (4) My golf game has been severely impacted as I can no longer take calls from the course.More

Workgroups 2010 … MetaCommunications launched, a new online collaboration service. “, the new project collaboration and workflow management site for teams, businesses, and organizations across advertising, marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress organizations. The new site offers subscription-based access to Workgroups 2010 Online, the hosted version of MetaCommunications’ flagship Workgroups 2010 suite containing integrated tools for workflow management, document management, document review and approval, and financial productivity management.” Available immediately. More

Email is Mainstream … Another reaction to the Wall Street Journal article about the death of email: it’s still used by mainstream people everywhere. “here are many, many fine points in the piece, which fairly covers the increase in adoption of social networks and the proliferation of real-time Web services and the filters and tags that help us govern them. Unfortunately, it’s not a fair reflection of the world outside Silicon Valley, where hype browbeats the public and wills products into popularity. Millions of desk-bound workers and corporate road warriors in offices all over the world rely on e-mail as the de facto standard for communication, often in lieu of telephones. Just ask the folks who run Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus, and even the Google Apps people. Despite all of the fun, newfangled Web services, they are not replacing King E-Mail in offices.More

Google Wave … Jason tries out Google Wave, and is left underwhelmed. “I see for the most part what Google is trying to do. It’s trying to achieve the holy grail of workflow and group collaboration by tying the two paradigms of threaded email discussions and wikis together. Effectively Wave is a hosting site for disposable, single-purpose based Wikis and mashups …. So far, I’m not finding a compelling reason to use Wave instead of the other collaboration tools at my disposal, and I’m not seeing this as a major paradigm shift or sea-change application that others may view this to be. Perhaps it will mature quickly by developer adoption into an elegant and useful way of collaborating with peers that will enhance or replace our traditional collaboration technologies, but right now it’s just UI hell without a clear purpose or an advantage over what exists today.More

Open Unite … Opera released the beta of Opera Unite, a new collaboration tool for data and file sharing. “Opera Software today released the beta version of Opera Unite, a new collaboration technology that enables users to share data such as files or photos with other users, directly from their computer. The Opera Unite beta is available in Opera 10.10, which Opera released on October 14. Opera officials call Unite a “novel technology platform” that shakes up the old client-server computing model of the Web, because Opera Unite turns any computer into both a client and a server, allowing it to interact with and serve content to other computers directly across the Web.More

Scalix for BlackBerry … Scalix released a BlackBerry Connector for its messaging and calendaring platform. “Scalix Connect for Blackberry Enterprise Server is a connector that links the Exchange Edition of Research in Motion’s Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) or Blackberry Professional Software (BPS) products to Scalix. It provides Scalix users with the full integrated Blackberry user experience including push email, wireless calendar, contact, and task synchronization, remote address book lookup, out of office settings, and more. It provides system administrators with all the benefits of mobile device management available for BES and BPS.More

Other Items
– AT&T is about to ship a white BlackBerry Bold.
– Exchange 2010 is coming soon, with built-in archiving capabilities, and new behavior changing features for end users.

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