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News Updates (October 14, 2009)

Bamboo and H3 … Bamboo and H3 Solutions (makers of Mobile Entree, for mobile access to SharePoint) announced a strategic partnership. “Leveraging the Mobile Entrée platform, Bamboo will develop mobile interfaces for the more than 60 essential solutions and add-ons Bamboo has developed for SharePoint.The Mobile Entrée platform allows developers to create interfaces for SharePoint applications that are highly optimized for a mobile context.Even more importantly, applications built on Mobile Entrée provide support for users of virtually any smart phone platform, including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Palm Pre and more.End users using a variety of different devices can all seamlessly access the same application.Cross device compatibility is managed entirely by the Mobile Entrée platform, and is fully abstracted from development of the core application.More

Cisco Acquired Starent … Cisco announced the acquisition of Starent Networks, which makes infrastructure for mobile carriers. “Starent makes products that manage access from 2.5G, 3G and 4G wireless networks to a mobile operator’s packet core network. Starent’s products are deployed in CDMA2000 (1X, EV-DO), UMTS/HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi, and WiMax networks.More
– This will assist with mobile data transmissions.

Oracle Beehive Session Notes … Mike shares his notes on the Oracle OpenWorld session on Oracle Beehive. There was some discussion, apparently, about an integration between Oracle Beehive and SharePoint. More

Google Docs vs Office … Some thoughts on the relative positioning of Google Docs vs Microsoft Office. “The latest upgrades to Google Docs are the culmination of work Google has been doing for the last several months. Rishi Chandra, senior product manager for collaboration at Google Apps, foreshadowed these capabilities in an interview in August. Chandra said Google’s goal is to position Docs less as a productivity suite targeted at taking down Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, and more as the team collaboration application for Google Apps. More users are interested in co-authoring documents and creating multiple versions that update on the fly, and then sharing those files with colleagues in the cloud, Chandra said. Google is also trying to build better bridges between Office and Apps. Chandra said Google wants to make sure that Apps users are able not only to pull any document created in Office into Docs and Sites, but also to push those documents from Apps back to Office without losing formatting fidelity.More

On Changing Vendors … Linda looks at the issue of changing vendors and products, for various reasons. “The move off Oracle, of course, wasn’t trivial — the majority of the newspaper’s databases were under Oracle — and problems that “could never happen” during the migration happened, but it saved the ailing company more than $100,000. Still, how does a CIO decide when the savings are worth the risk and the time spent researching and migrating of changing technology vendors? Changing vendors is never easy, even in good times and especially for a product as “foundational” as major software, said Duncan Jones, an analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc.More

Genius Inside … Genius upgraded its web and Domino-based project management offerings. “Genius Project is available in two deployment options: Genius Project For Web and Genius Project For Domino. Genius Project For Web is a subscription-based service available through the newly re-designed company Web site, It extends the Genius Project application functionality to users working on any operating system and messaging platform. Genius Project For Domino, designed for Lotus Notes users, also integrates with Microsoft Project for cross-platform communication. The new versions of both options allow users to measure any kind of project output. In many cases, monitoring project results and successes isn’t just a matter of being on time and budget, but also ensuring you get the right outputs, such as cost savings, market share or new revenue generation. The new Genius Inside KPI indicators module allows users to plan, forecast, and track such outputs or key performance indicators.More

On Being “Off” … Recent research points to the benefits of having scheduled “time off” during projects. “Our research over the past four years in several North American offices of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) suggests that it is perfectly possible for consultants and other professionals to meet the highest standards of service and still have planned, uninterrupted time off. Indeed, we found that when the assumption that everyone needs to be always available was collectively challenged, not only could individuals take time off, but their work actually benefited. Our experiments with time off resulted in more open dialogue among team members, which is valuable in itself. But the improved communication also sparked new processes that enhanced the teams’ ability to work most efficiently and effectively.More

Social Networking Lab at Microsoft … Ray Ozzie launched a new research lab, focused on social connectivity, real-time experiences, and rich media. “The Labs, which will incorporate around 80 employees from Microsoft Startup Labs, based in Massachusetts, along with the Creative Systems Group and Rich Media Labs. It will be headed by Lili Cheng, previously the director of the Creative Systems Group within Microsoft Research, whose new title will be general manager of FUSE Labs …. Ray Ozzie’s restructuring suggests the increasing prevalence of social platforms and applications to not only more leisure-oriented pursuits, but also enterprise and SMB (small- to medium-sized business) functionality. According to his memo, FUSE Labs will work with Microsoft Research and other divisions to more quickly capitalise on social-computing opportunities.More

Other Items
– Was sabotage involved in the Sidekick implosion?
– BitDefender is running a beta program for SharePoint 2007 users, for BitDefender software.
– In response to the WSJ saying that email is dead, others don’t agree.
– A discussion an paying attention.
– Has Ray Ozzie failed at Microsoft? Preston argues that because nothing has happened with Groove, he must have failed. Preston needs to read Microsoft Acquires Groove Networks: Three Years Too Late, Four Years to Impact (from April 2005).

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