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News Updates (August 11, 2009)

Exchange 2010 Review … Paul reviews some of the changes coming up in Exchange 2010. “With this release Microsoft is going to take Exchange, a stalwart of messaging in both large enterprises and small business, to both cheap hard drive storage and to the cloud. The former is achieved by reducing the input/output operations per second (IOPS) required by about 70 per cent over Exchange 2007 and the latter by supporting mixed deployments — some mailboxes in the cloud, some on the company’s servers.More

Alfresco 3.2 for Collaboration … Tarn explores the collaboration capabilities of Alfresco 3.2. “Alfresco 3.2 and Share look really quite cool. Share is improved a lot and now I think it is at a point where we can use it. I think the fact that the wiki and blogging tools are fairly basic is a good thing. Too many features will confusse all my newbie business users. I will probably turn off the wiki stuff at first and just go with blgos and discussions. I need to better understand how Share and the main Alfresco Explorer tool are integrated because we heavily use the document management tools in Alfresco Explorer.More

Document Collaboration for Risk Mitigation … Praura released a white paper on the use of document collaboration tools. “The special report was prompted by a recent study by The Standish Group, a Boston-based IT project management research and consulting firm that surveyed 400 organizations and found a general decrease in IT project success rates during the past two years as IT budgets were squeezed. Given the availability of good collaborative tools in the marketplace and the nature of how projects fail, there are easy and inexpensive ways to mitigate risk. Improving a company’s project failure rate can save an enormous amount of money and enable the firm to repurpose funds to help grow the business. The special report titled Leveraging Document Sharing and Collaborative Solutions to Mitigate Project Risk with Shrinking IT Budgets is available for free online by visiting Praura Special Report.More,

Other Items
– An upcoming edition of NetNewsWire (RSS reader for Mac) will include ads, or there will be an annual fee to be ad-less.
– Samsung released a new smartphone: the Samsung Jet.
– An approach to using WordPress as a team collaboration site.
– It’s time for a new Mac ad.

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