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News Updates (July 17, 2009)

SharePoint Online for Exchange Public Folders … Exchange Online does not support Public Folders. The Microsoft Online Services team released a white paper exploring how SharePoint Online can help instead. “Exchange Public Folders are widely used in on-premises Exchange environments. However, Exchange Online does not support Public Folders. As a workaround, SharePoint Online and some capabilities of Exchange Online can accommodate many of the processes and data for which organizations typically use Public Folders in their on-premises Exchange deployments. This white paper addresses common usage scenarios for Public Folders and provides recommendations for accommodating and migrating the Public Folder processes and data to the Business Productivity Online Suite.More

Online Meetings: Prod … Tom shares some ideas on making online / virtual meetings work. “This trend of increasing attrition is unfortunate, because online discussions don’t have to be divorced from timelines and boundaries. You can set deadlines for discussions and schedule blocks for virtual chats. If you let people know expectations of participation by specific times, the procrastination minimizes. As more people contribute, the interactions increase, and you soon approach the dynamic idea building of face-to-face meetings. But this activity requires a meeting organizer and champion, someone to stoke the discussion, set expectations, prod the silent participants, and keep it all going.More

Effectiveness … Erin shares 11 ideas on being highly effective. Eg, #6 is “Say “no” to what doesn’t matter. If an activity or responsibility isn’t on your list of what matters most to you, say “no” to it. Learn to say “no” in such a way as to not be a jerk, but say “no” when you need to. This is where I greatly differ from most people because I don’t feel guilty about protecting my time. And, as far as I know, most people don’t think I’m a jerk because I’m clear about why I’m declining offers and invitations. (”Taking a yoga class with you would be fun, but Wednesday nights are date night with my husband. Is there a similar class we can take together on another night?”)More

Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 … Janus has some thoughts on governance and upgrading to SharePoint 2010. “Earlier this week Microsoft released sneak peak videos of SharePoint 2010, which have created quite a buzz among the many working within the SharePoint goldmine. A blog post by US-based SharePoint expert Mauro Cardarelli, co-author of “Essential SharePoint 2007 – Delivering High Impact Collaboration“, called Planning for SharePoint 2010, caught my attention as he called for more governance and predicted yet another difficult upgrade for existing customers. SharePoint 2010 is currently in a limited, invitation only Technical Preview program and expected out in a final release in early 2010.More

Other Items
– Arpan has some thoughts on Bing and Google.
– Three things to do when you feel like wasting time: (1) filing, (2) update your email and client list, and (3) go hunting for clients.

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