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Who Owns "Collaboration" At Your Firm?

I have started work on book #3 … it’s not on SharePoint this time, but is rather a more general exploration of the use and value of collaboration technology in organizations. My question for today is: Who owns “collaboration” at your firm?

Is it:
– the IT department?
– the HR department?
– each business group?
– … or is ownership mixed between these groups and more?

By “ownership”, I’m thinking of the following ideas:
– has the responsibility for analyzing work processes and recommending ways of improving those through collaboration technology.
– has the responsibility for analyzing specific collaboration technologies and recommending or deciding on which ones to use.
– has the responsibility for helping staff use new collaboration technology effectively in their work.

So … who owns “collaboration” at your firm?, and what does ownership mean at your place of work?

Looking forward to hearing from you … please leave a comment below, or contact me to arrange an off-the-record discussion.

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