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News Updates (July 7, 2009)

CSC Does BPOS … Computer Sciences Corp. signed on with Microsoft to resell BPOS to its government and corporate clients. “CSC will sell subscriptions to online versions of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communicator and Live Meeting. The full suite costs $15 per month per employee, though companies can opt for a $3-per-month version for non-desk-workers. CSC, which already manages 700,000 Exchange and Lotus Notes e-mail accounts, will now have a trio of offerings, according to Brian Boruff, vice president of cloud computing for CSC: BPOS hosted by Microsoft; BPOS hosted in CSC’s “Trusted Cloud,” which will offer better security and will cost 20% to 40% more; and CSC’s existing outsourced e-mail management services.More

ScheduleOnce Update … ScheduleOnce released an update to its free-busy meeting service. “This release includes complete integration with Google Calendar and an improved time finding method for even faster scheduling.” Available immediately. More, Google Calendar Add-on

From CollectiveX to Groupsite … CollectiveX changed its name to Groupsite. “ better tells our story as the leader in social collaboration, and how we empower groups to make things happen by enabling them to communicate, share and network. It’s also easier to remember, more likely to be searched for on the Internet and more customer-friendly than “CollectiveX.”More

Web-Based Document Collaboration … Serdar looks at 7 web-based document collaboration services, including Pastebin, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and more. “What was pleasantly surprising to discover was the sheer breadth of tools available. If you want nothing more than a place to temporarily dump some text, there’s Pastebin or Writeboard; if you want document-level collaboration, consider Zoho Writer or Google Docs; and for more general desktop and application sharing, there are services like Yugma. It’s possible to find, with very little effort, the exact grade of collaborative service you’d need for your particular workload.More

Cisco Telepresence on TV … In about 12 months, Cisco plans to release telepresence options for TVs. “Cisco Systems, facing waning demand for networking equipment from businesses, is working with phone and cable carriers on products and services that let consumers hold video conferences through their televisions. The offerings, which build on Cisco’s TelePresence corporate-video conferencing system, will debut within 12 months. In addition to holding video chats, users will also be able to exchange messages and leave videos for friends, said Ned Hooper, head of the consumer business at Cisco.More

Quest DropThis for SharePoint … Quest Software released DropThis for SharePoint, an add-on for moving attachments from Outlook into SharePoint. “The Drop down for the target SharePoint folder can be pre-configured to default to selected to common save locations… including saving up to the last 15 used save locations! The first option to send only the link – Intranets or for Internet accessible environments.The second to add to SharePoint and include attachment – commonly used when you’re including external people, but you want to have the document on SharePoint for updates and edits. The third option is the same as default outlook behavior. Simply sending the attachment.” Available immediately. More

Other Items
– Windows 7 will be released on October 22.
– Huddle wants to be the Google of collaboration.

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