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Messaging News (June 2009): Calendaring: Are We There Yet?

The June 2009 edition of Messaging News Magazine is out, and my article is entitled Calendaring: Are We There Yet?. It’s an update on the calendaring cover story I wrote two years ago:

Two years ago Messaging News ran a cover story on calendaring, asking “Why isn’t it just like email?” We weren’t referring to the penchant for spam and information overload in email, nor the inability to find anything (“Where did I file that message?”), but rather email’s ubiquity. If you have an email account, you can email me, as well as anyone else with an email account. But to use your electronic calendar in conjunction with other people, well that’s a totally different scenario. This article looks back over the past two years since our cover story on calendaring, and asks if it’s gotten any better. Unfortunately, I find myself sounding like the very perturbed Shrek character giving the standard answer of “No, Donkey” to Donkey’s “Are we there yet?” question during the journey in Shrek 2.

The complete article is available online.

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