Reflections on Day 1 on the NZ SharePoint Conference 2009

The first day of the NZ SharePoint Conference 2009 has come and gone. In two hours the second day starts. Here’s my reflections on day one:

  • For a community-driven event, it’s fantastic. The three organizers — Chan, Mark and Debbie — volunteered to make it happen, and they have done a better job of organizing content, speakers and vendor booth area than many commercially organized events I’ve attended and spoken at in New Zealand. It’s quite incredible.
  • The fee for the two day event has stimulated attendance. It was only NZ$500 (about US$380) to attend for the full two days … quite a difference from other commercially organized events that go for four times that much and then struggle to pull in 20 paying customers.
  • Official figures on attendence have not been released, but as I said in my blog post yesterday, my count is about 300. The room for the keynote session with Joel was full … and I did a rough count of people sitting and standing.
  • There appears to be a good mix of people interested in the geek stuff of SharePoint and the business stuff of SharePoint.
  • On the business side — and there’s a whole stream focused on this — there is lots of attention being paid to user adoption strategies, business engagement, etc. Given my professional focus, I’m delighted to see this.
  • I want two things to get better … either today or next year: (1) availability of water to drink in the vendor booth area; and (2) better signs to indicate where to go for the sessions.

Looking forward to day 2 … I’m on at 10am (in the business stream, talking about Seamless Teamwork).

0 thoughts on “Reflections on Day 1 on the NZ SharePoint Conference 2009

  1. Microsoft is delighted to announce the SharePoint Conference 2009 – the premier worldwide conference dedicated to SharePoint and related technologies.
    There’s an exciting mix in the plans for this year. This year’s conference will be looking towards the future with a broad array of deep content centered on the next version of Share Point, codenamed Share Point “14” and at the same time be firmly planted in the present, sharing real world experience and guidance to help you maximize your investment in Share Point Server 2007.
    Share Point Conference 2009 will be the conference to learn about Share Point “14”. Be the first to learn about the improvements we’ve made to the platform and how many of those investments can be quickly implemented to add value to your organization and businesses.

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