Microsoft SharePoint

Notes on "Document Management and Third Party Extensions" (Debbie Ireland and Cameron Dwyer)

Debbie Ireland (from EnvisionIT) and Cameron Dwyer (from Scinaptic) talked about using SharePoint for document management, along with two third-party products.

Signs of maturity with SharePoint:
– minimal structure … a bit of dabbling, corporate documents; some metadata, few or no content types, published content
– semi-structured … project and team sites with shared document libraries (planned business classification, content types, version control)
– records management … records management site … retention and disposal, compliance, archiving, scanning solutions

– WSS for basic functionality
– MOSS for records
– extended functionality for business classification and more

User challenges and desires:
– easy to file and upload documents
– easy to find what they have filed
– easy for users to view the information in a meaningful way

Filing and uploading:
– is WSS, basic save and upload, basic document management
– in MOSS, can “Save As” and use My Site, cross site collections
– with extended functionality, add drag-and-drop, emails and attachments, multiple taxonomies, and automated records management

Business classification:
– taxonomy
– file structure
– relationship to PRA
– general disposal authority
– internal general disposal authority required for businesses as well

Debbie demonstated how to use Mindjet MindManager to classify the business into areas; it’s a great tool for exploring relationships.

SharePart XXL
A third-party tool for adding taxonomy. Creates virtual sites with an assemblage of items based on a tag. Similar to the aggregation capabilities in CorasWorks.
– pricing … US$1200 for one site collection

Scinaptic OnePlaceMail
Adds email management to SharePoint, via seamless integration with Outlook.
– access to SharePoint libaries within Outlook
– drag-and-drop Outlook emails and attachments directly into SharePoint
– capture email metadata automatically
– completion of destination library metadata … prompted on the point of adding something
– right-click Send To in Windows Explorer to SharePoint