News Updates (June 30, 2009)

Oliver on the Enterprise 2.0 Conference … Oliver comments on the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference. “Enterprise 2.0 is still considered in many quarters almost a fashion statement, just as Virgin America is thought of by some as a boutique airline. There’s some truth in those ideas. Enterprise software is the heavy duty infrastructure of most companies, with tight security, communication controls and many processes like an airport. Departmental collaboration environments are like the aircraft – an important enabling component but not seen by most as the core. When Enterprise 2.0 expands to serve the entire company, as is the case with some of the larger installations and unification plans we saw at the conference, it aspires to be at the core of the enterprise. There are players in the space who are already in the this position of course: IBM have a huge installed base of Lotus Notes and associated Domino databases, while Microsoft have their exchange email solutions and of course Sharepoint.More

Genii iFidelity and Gateway … Genii Software announced Version 3.0 of iFidelity and iFidelity Gateway, add on products for Lotus Notes. “iFidelity is designed to revolutionize the seamless fidelity of email between in-house IBM Lotus Notes/Domino email and external email systems, whether they utilize Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook or web based email interfaces. To facilitate the rapid adoption of this exciting new technology, Genii Software is offering a free iFidelity 3.0 mail server license (enough to handle most small companies) to any IBM Business Partner who sells or works with IBM Lotus software.” Available immediately. More (hat tip, Volker)

Zenprise Mobile Device Management … Zenprise announced mobile management support for a raft of smartphones. “Zenprise, Inc., the leader in automating mobile management, today announced that its flagship MobileManager software now supports Palm smartphones, including the recently released Palm Pre. Zenprise is the only vendor to automate the monitoring, management and troubleshooting of multiple smartphone devices, including the BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm platforms.More

SmartSearch Update … Advanced Personnel Systems released Version 13.1 of SmartSearch, with Gmail integration, better Mac support, and mobile device support. “Gmail integration is another popular enhancement for SmartSearch users and mobile recruiters. Users can set up email access to a Gmail account, in addition to using the Outlook Toolbar plug-in. Both tools are designed to facilitate the import of inbound and outbound email content – including the inputting of new or updated resumes with one click – into SmartSearch.More

Mott MacDonald Goes Open Text … Open Text announced the details of a recent customer win, Mott MacDonald. “Mott MacDonald currently has nine terabytes of information and 7,000 projects stored within the Open Text ECM Suite and the new solution has dramatically enhanced information sharing between project teams. Collaboration is now simplified and staff has access to one single, reliable source, minimising the need for document duplication … The Open Text ECM Suite offers sophisticated yet user-friendly content management capabilities. It provides Mott McDonald with better information security, while encouraging greater collaboration and a more dynamic approach for its many project teams based around the world.More

GrooveIT for SharePoint … Hommes & Process announced GrooveIT, an add-on for SharePoint to support document sharing. “GrooveIT! for Microsoft Office SharePoint is designed to provide SharePoint users with a simple, effective and secure way to extract SharePoint documents and rework them. By “rework”, I mean: Have the ability to read and modify these documents from outside of SharePoint (so being offline) , the ability to add new resources, but also have the ability to share documents with people outside of the company: customers, partners, etc. More than a simple download, GrooveIT! for SharePoint uses Groove 2007 functionality to achieve synchronization and security. GrooveIT ! for SharePoint adds a button in your IE toolbar. This button is automatically activated as soon as you navigate to a SharePoint site containing a documents list. Users only need to click the button, choose the source list and a name for the workspace and finally validate. And that’s all! This solution really is “idiot-proof”!More

SharePoint 2010 Problems … Shawn wonders if the embeddness of SharePoint 2007 will make it difficult for SharePoint 2010 to get market traction. “As SharePoint 2010 draws near, I can’t help but think that perhaps the sheer number of both licensees and add-on solutions, collectively represent a penny under each wheel of the SharePoint train. 100+ million licenses and thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) clearly represent a SharePoint strength. In fact, the platform has become so popular that a few colleagues of mine suggested awhile back that perhaps SharePoint had effectively ended the great debate about what portal platform to buy.More

Other Items
– Comments from a couple of firms using IBM’s 3D meeting technology.
– A cost of blogging: the loss of the writer-editor collaboration.
– Robert reviews a new book, Great Business Teams (“a brilliant achievement”). Available at Amazon.
– Comments from Christian Finn, a director of SharePoint at Microsoft, about SharePoint for enterprise 2.0, document management and more.
– Cisco has saved $277 million via its telework program.
– Stuart’s got a LotusLive comparison chart.

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