News Updates (June 26, 2009)

Evernote for Groups … Evernote added sharing and collaboration capabilities to its personal information management application. “Now begins Phase 1 of our major effort to help you share (and collaborate on) the stuff you’ve collected with individuals, groups, and the world. Introducing, Evernote Shared Notebooks. Using Evernote Web, you can now specify individuals that are permitted to view, and in some cases modify, your notebooks.More

MindTouch Collaborative Intranet … MindTouch released Collaborative Intranet, a new product to power the intranet. “By deploying MindTouch Collaborative Intranet, companies can federate content from across the data and application silos their employees use each day — ERP, CRM, file servers, email, databases, web-services infrastructures, social networks — to create a vibrant real time information fabric. MindTouch Collaborative Intranet connects the legacy business systems companies use every day and pulls data from each individual silo into a single, common and unified Web interface.More

Tomoye Community Software 3.0 … Tomoye previewed Version 3.0 of Community Software, its community and social networking application that can integrate with SharePoint. “Tomoye Communities Software v3.0 is the industry’s first offering to provide truly social view of an enterprise’s people, knowledge and conversations. By enabling information and people to be displayed by most helpful, most connected, and allowing users to vote their favourite items to the front page, enterprises can truly leverage the wisdom of their employees and customers. Tomoye Communities are widely used to more quickly onboard and train staff, as well as connect organizations to their partners and customers.” The beta program is open for registration. More

Scalix for BlackBerry … Scalix announced a new integration for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, for wireless email and calendaring. “Scalix Connect for Blackberry Enterprise Server provides push email, wireless contact, calendar and task synchronization, meeting scheduling, and remote address book/Global Address List lookup. Scalix now offers a full suite of mobility solutions for its Small Business, Enterprise, and Hosting editions: Scalix ActiveSync, Scalix Connect for Blackberry (beta), and Scalix Mobile Web Client. Together they enable Scalix users to communicate via all popular mobile devices without the need for client side installs.” Available immediately in beta. More

What’s Notes Good For? … Eric wants to know what Lotus Notes is good for. “It is my opinion that Notes is an undervalued tool and that it has great potential as an extraordinary communication and information management tool. Still, many people think of Notes as email and they may not think of it well at that. In the absence of marketing that would educate them otherwise, this is a challenge. Personally, I would continue to use Notes for myself even if I did not have a Domino server.

Analysis of Email Patterns … Researchers suggest that an analysis of email patterns can shed light on company health. “One nugget that I never thought of was how the emergence of email “cliques” can determine whether or not your company is in serious trouble… Two researchers — Ben Collingsworth and Ronaldo Menezes — recently analyzed the email patters at Enron to see if there were any predictors of the impending doom. Initially, they thought they would find interesting changes immediately prior to a large crisis… However, what they found was that the biggest change in email patterns happened one full month prior to the crisis!More(hat tip, Peter)

Meet Virtually, Save Big Time … Virtual meetings that replace in-person meetings can save large sums of money. “Adamson said Volvo began working with the virtual collaboration consultancy NetAge three years ago to develop and refine its virtual online collaborative experience. Travel expense savings are obvious. The Enterprise 2.0 panel on “Leading Collaborative Teams” noted that 10 people on a one-day onsite physical meeting can cost up to $100,000 including travel expenses.More

Other Items
– Research In Motion announced the BlackBerry Tour 9630.
– Tim Bray is worried about Google Wave.
– Mind your manners when doing your BlackBerry (or watch out!).

0 thoughts on “News Updates (June 26, 2009)

  1. thanks Michael for your update posts
    you’re not quite right on Evernote though, sharing is available to all users (free, and premium) but only premium users can allow others to edit the contents of the shared notebook (free users can only offer read-only, which is also available to premium)

  2. Ah, thanks for the clarification Gavin. I’ll have to go back and review my notes. That sounds like a much more reasonable approach, and one that will be will likely to drive many more people to the Premium level. M.

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