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News Updates (June 2, 2009) … Tungle added to its service, allowing other people to propose a meeting with you based on your availability. “Imagine an email exchange with a client. He wants to schedule a call to discuss an idea you’ve proposed. You use Tungle, he does not. You also have your link enabled, and added to your email signature. He clicks the link, sees your free/busy schedule and sends you a meeting invitation proposing multiple times (without signing up). You get the invitation, pick a time and book it. It’s automatically added to your calendar and he gets an email confirmation to add to his calendar. The call is booked quickly and easily, and could even have been booked on your BlackBerry, iPhone or any other smartphone.More

TeamDrive for Sun … TeamDrive announced a new collaboration tool for the Sun Cloud, to enable secure file sharing. “The software, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, enables users to work across the Internet, securely and easily. Whether working as a team, mobile or between home office and company: TeamDrive guarantees privacy, every single file is always up-to-date, even when it’s offline …. Every user convert the contents of a folder on his PC or notebook into a secure shared space by merely three mouse clicks and is able to continue working as usual at his computer without any expenditure of learning effort. He can use this shared space in common with any number of personally “invited” users. OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pdf, photographs, videos and all other file formats can be exchanged. Automatic versioning, backup and file synchronization enhance all aspects of productivity. TeamDrive does its work nearly imperceptibly in the background.More

Google Wave for Playback … Scott wonders whether the “play back” capabilities of Google Wave are a harbinger of more to come in the calendaring space. “But Google Wave seems to me to add something really exciting to all software, that is the ability to “play back” the history of any online collaboration, and it would seem natural to me to have a shared calendar where I could do exactly that, following the steps that may have led up to a particular event being agreed upon by various participants. That’s just one example of what something like Google Wave can provide. So I’m left believing that whether or not Google has invented a standard way to do this (as they hope) or not, all shared calendars will eventually have this capability, so that you would not only have the schedule, but a history of how the schedule came to be.More

Other Items
– Bob recommends a new book, I Hate People.
– Write is adding task discussions, Windows Mobile and Outlook add-ins, and more.
– Josh asks, “Should we Twitter at church?”
– Google Docs now supports .XLSX and .DOCX files from Office 2007.

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