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News Updates (May 29, 2009)

Scan to SharePoint … Dark Blue Duck offers an add-on product for SharePoint that enables people to scan paper and documents directly into SharePoint document libraries. “The main Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM product enhances Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 (MOSS) and Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0 (WSS) adding support for paper. Legal professionals, health professionals, public servants and others are benefiting from the combination of Microsoft’s SharePoint products and Dark Blue Duck’s Scanning Enabler. Large organizations are using the Scanning Enabler with MOSS to extend their Enterprise Content Management and search capabilities. Small companies are using the Scanning Enabler to address challenges they face when swamped by incoming paperwork (especially when the business is geographically distributed). Use our flagship product to Scan documents to SharePoint directly from the SharePoint User Interface. Use your existing desktop scanners, a shared desktop scanner or Multifunction Printers (MFPs) via network TWAIN. The Dark Blue Duck Scanning EnablerTM is easy to understand, easy to install and easy to use. More

Adobe Presentations … Adobe introduced Presentations, a new online service for creating and sharing presentations. “ Presentations lets people work together on a presentation, all contributing at the same time or separately, regardless of where they are located. Now, there is no need to search for the latest version or combine multiple copies in order to capture everyone’s changes. With simultaneous editing capabilities, no one is locked out of the presentation while others are making changes. The application also makes it easy to see who has access to the presentation, who is viewing, who is editing and which slide each person is editing. Because the presentation lives online, people can access the latest version from any Internet-connected computer and deliver the presentation from anywhere online via ConnectNow or offline by exporting to PDF.More
– Reviews at PCWorld, BetaNews

GoogleWave … Google released GoogleWave, a new integrated communication and collaboration environment. “Here’s how it works: In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. They can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It’s concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. That means Google Wave is just as well suited for quick messages as for persistent content — it allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use “playback” to rewind the wave and see how it evolved.” It’s only released in beta, to some people. More
– It combines email, IM, discussion threads, documents and photos into an integrated client.
– Google is showing a full size screen shot (the big version of the one below).

– PC World has a slide show about Wave, and in it’s article, talks about Wave’s real-time capabilities (as well as real-time language translation).
– Mashable has a long article on Wave.
– Wave has been designed to work on Android phones.
– Some people suggest this is Google’s SharePoint killer.

Extranet Collaboration Manager … SharePoint Solutions offer Extranet Collaboration Manager, an add-on for SharePoint 2007 to simplify site provisioning and user access control. “If you are planning to or already have implemented SharePoint 2007 for your extranet, you are facing the challenging process of using scarce IT resources to get collaborative extranet sites provisioned and accessible. Once online, the ongoing tasks for user management of these collaborative applications will have to be identified and assigned. Out-of-the box, SharePoint 2007 provides many of the raw capabilities necessary for extranet collaboration, but is missing critical tools that SharePoint administrators need to establish, maintain and monitor the collaboration environment.More

Clarizen 3.0 … Clarizen released version 3.0 of its hosted project collaboration service. “The product’s features include separate capacity for customers to manage business issues with clients, partners and employees by using technical support to automate the lifecycle of a clearly defined issue, and expense reports through time tracking, letting users view hours and associated costs to improve the process of economically reallocating resources, costs and time.More

Good Acquired Intercasting … Good Technology acquired Intercasting Corporation, a provider of technology to integrate communications technologies with mobile devices. “Intercasting brings together an entire communication ecosystem comprised of social networks, email services, instant messaging providers, content providers, application developers, mobile operators, and device manufacturers. The result is an advanced communication service platform that delivers the highest-quality communication experience to mobile users. The flexibility of the ANTHEM technology means in-demand services like email, IM, and social networking can now be integrated into native device functionality, enabling next-generation services such as network address books, app stores, and integration into an active user interface. Mobile operators and device manufacturers maintain relevance by having a single connection point to provide their consumers a robust, integrated communication experience.More

Other Items
– 5pm added task dependency capabilities.
– CourseForum is offering a 2-for-1 licensing deal.
– The BlackBerry Storm 2 is coming.
– Microsoft has created a partner alliance program to extend the capabilities of SharePoint.

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