Microsoft SharePoint

Seeking Examples: SharePoint for Collaboration

I’m working on a new book for IT professionals about what to do after installing SharePoint. The following are the key topics in the book:

– How SharePoint can improve business and work practice
– Evaluating SharePoint for collaboration
– Using third-party products to round out SharePoint’s collaboration weaknesses
– Governance themes when using SharePoint for collaboration
– Approaches to engaging the business about SharePoint
– Strategies for user adoption
– How to get started with using SharePoint for collaboration

I am looking for firms that have insights into all of the above aspects, and that are willing to discuss their real world experiences — both good and bad. My research says that very few firms have mastered this topic, so I’m not looking for perfection. Tell me where you are at today, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what you are doing now.

So … if you can contribute examples, case study insights, lessons learned or challenges I would like to speak to you.

Please get in touch with an overview of how you can help, and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Deadline: NEXT WEDNESDAY, June 3