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News Updates (May 26, 2009)

Central Desktop Shared Folders … Central Desktop is adding a Shared Folders feature to its online collaborative workspace service. “This will give you the ability to Share Folders ACROSS workspaces, reducing the need to upload redundant content to multiple workspaces …. The Shared Folders feature will be available to all Enterprise and Community Edition subscribers.More, Watch the Video

Document Collaboration in Second Life … Tom talks about the possibilities of document collaboration in Second Life. “Did you know you can also collaborate on documents in Second Life? Here’s a great video on EtherPad Real Time in World Text Collaboration from the Second Life English Blog. EtherPad is one of the new document creation sites that literally allows you to see changes to the text in real time; it’s not a full-featured document editor — it’s pretty much just text — but it’s great in terms of collaboration possibilities.More

Do What Matters … Dave comments on doing what matters. “The obvious thing is to work on great projects. In my experience, you don’t always know which ones will turn out to be great. And in larger organizations, you sometimes have little choice. Inside nearly every project, though, there are things that matter–to you and to your organization. So, whatever the work you have to do, do it well. Go beyond the routine; avoid sticking to the same old paths.More

Other Things
– How to look productive.
– A raft of ideas on when to buy into new technologies.
– Mainsoft is looking for requirements for better team calendaring.

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