Tungle for Meeting Scheduling: The Approach for Three or More People

I’ve been playing with Tungle this afternoon, to see how it handles setting up meetings between more than two people. Here’s the basic difference:
– with a two person meeting, the meeting initiator states when they could meet, and the other person accepts one of those times, or rejects it.
– with a more than two person meeting, the meeting initiator still states when they could meet, and then everyone but the last person who responds to the meeting invitation is asked to state the range of options as to when they could attend.

So with a three person meeting:
– Fred sets up the meeting, listing 5 times he wants to hold the meeting. He invites Jane and Bill.
– Jane gets the meeting invitation, and looks at the five times. She can only do three of them, and so states that within the Tungle interface.
– Bill gets the meeting invitation, and he looks at it after Jane has. He only sees the three slots that both Fred and Jane can do. He is asked to choose a meeting time, which then books the meeting for all.

The same applies with a four person meeting, except that the third person is asked the same thing that Jane is asked: What range of times can you meet? So if Francis can only do two of the meeting times that Fred and Jane can do, then Bill can only make a final choice from two meeting time options.

Tungle has a special name for the algorithm to do this … it’s something like “availability reduction”. My question: Have you used Tungle to organize meetings between 4 or more people? Did the meeting deadlock because the last couple of people couldn’t attend? Or did it go smoothly? Would love to hear your experiences.