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News Updates (May 19, 2009)

Web 2.0 at Work … Oscar comments on technology without culture. “Setting up blogs and wikis in your organization without understanding the need to allow, enable and encourage such things as transparency, openness, sharing, informality, interactivity and visibility of people and their contributions will take you nowhere. You will just be fooling yourself – and everyone else for that sake.More

11 Competencies for Effective Virtual Teamwork … Jill’s list of 11 competencies for effective virtual teamwork: “(1) Developing an awareness of yourself and how you interact with others; (2) Developing and practicing supportive communication skills; (3) Building the ability to communicate effectively across cultures; (4) Resolving conflict effectively; (5) Problem solving and decision making skills; and more … More

More Productive at Home: Why? … Why are people more productive in a home office, than at work? The Telework Association is trying to figure out why. “There is extensive research to show that flexible workers are more productive than their office based counterparts. However the reason for the improved output of home workers is not clear. There has been little research into the reasons why people working flexibly are more productive. Is it just that they can work longer by avoiding wasted commuting time? Is it because they are less stressed; or is it because the working environment is better?More

Other Items
– Toshiba’s new Portege R600 has a 512GB solid state disk.
– There’s now an iPhone and iPod touch version of Bento, and it supports synchronization with Bento on the Mac.

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