TextFlow: Importing a Document

This is the fourth post on TextFlow in my research into collaborative document co-authoring products and services.

Importing a Document

There is a second way to get a document into TextFlow, and that is to import a Microsoft Word file (.DOC or .DOCX) or .RTF file. In this short video, I show what it looks like to upload a Word 2008 for the Mac file into TextFlow.

A couple of points:
– There is no “Import” button on the Home screen. I think there should be. Having to create a new document, and then clicking “Import” seems counter-intuitive. The “Export” button should definitely be inside the document itself, but the Import button should be on the home screen.
– You’ll note at the end of the video, that once I imported the document, I had to click on its name on the right hand side to see it. That seems wrong. I would expect to see the document on-screen within TextFlow as soon as I’ve imported it.

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