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News Updates (April 21, 2009)

Adobe ConnectNow … Adobe offers ConnectNow, a free web conferencing service for meetings with up to 3 participants. “Use screen sharing, chat, notes, audio, and video to conduct meetings online that can be as interactive and productive as in-person meetings with up to three participants. Use any platform and any browser with no special downloads necessary to join the meeting — all you need is the free Adobe Flash Player runtime.More

New System Challenges … Your firms needs a new system, but it will upset multiple groups, eg, the older workers who want stability, and the younger workers who want change. What do you do? “Lisa Welchman gave a thoughtful, incisive answer to this conundrum (one that caused the audience to really think). She advised the questioner put a new system in place that serves the needs of all, but serves the wants of the younger generation of workers. And yes, you do this even though you know it will upset some of your most senior people“. More

Reviewing Collaboration within Firms … Maish provides a 7 heuristic framework for evaluating the ability to collaborate within firms, using intranet-based tools. “The 7 heuristics that we’ve come up with are focused on the management-side of collaboration rather than on specific collaboration functions. We took this stance because we’ve seen many ad-hoc and headless collaboration efforts that have led to frustration and misery rather than to sharing and efficiency. The thinking here is that the collaboration effort should be managed with the same rigor and commitment as other business functions and not left to chance.More

Zoho Gadgets … Zoho released new integration options, for embedding access to Zoho collaboration tools in other sites. “So, Zoho fanatics, now add a Zoho Docs widget to your Facebook and use it to view your most recent files in your account. Click on an item, open it and edit away. Use your Google and Zoho calendar in tandem, or, if you’re feeling saucy, replace your Google Calendar altogether. Even add the widgets to other Zoho applications, so long as they support embedding (like Zoho Notebook, Writer, Show and Wiki).More

Socialtext Webinar … Socialtext is hosting a Webinar on April 23 re Twitter-like tools in the enterprise. “If you’re wondering whether talk of “Twitter in the enterprise” is an overblown fad or an opportunity you need to understand now, this webinar is for you. Join this free webinar to get specifics on how companies are using social messaging and the value it creates for them. We’ll explore general use cases of social messaging technology, as well as how businesses are using Socialtext’s microsharing technology, Socialtext Signals.More

Other Items
– A slideshow of the improvements in Exchange 2010.
– Bill talks about integration between Twitter and Evernote.
– A mindmap from Robin Good on various collaboration tools.
– Mike reviews various tools to support a paperless office, including Evernote, Shoeboxed, Earth Class Mail, and more.
– Kindling, a new collaborative idea management tool for groups.

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