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User Adoption Strategies for Lotus Connections

Earlier this week, The UC View published my article on Lotus Connections, with a focus on end user adoption strategies. It’s called From Intermittent to Connected — Help Your Users Embrace Lotus Connections, and is available to subscribers to The UC View.

Here’s the overview:

Convincing end users to adopt new social software tools such as IBM Lotus Connections can be challenging. Discover why users are afraid to embrace new tools and learn about three different strategies for increasing user adoption of Connections. Find out why it’s so important to not only show users how Connections functions, but also how they can use it to improve their own efficiency.

I’ll explore the key fears that end users have when facing a new set of work tools and then introduce three strategies you can follow to encourage effective user adoption with Connections. After reading this article, you’ll be better prepared to train your end users and effectively persuade them to use Connections regularly.

My thanks to the various people I worked with on putting this article together, including IBM’ers Luis Benitez, Suzanne Minassian, Bob Roldan, Dana Liburdi, and Michelle Miller.

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