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Slides from SharePoint Master Class in Europe

In late March and early April 2009, I presented a full-day Master Class on SharePoint in Europe — London one day, and Copenhagen the next. You can purchase a copy of the slide deck for use at your firm.

The deck is 307 pages long, and covers:
– Overview of day
– Frameworks for Improvement
– Evaluating SharePoint for Collaboration
– Adoption Strategies for SharePoint
– Seamless Teamwork Approach to Adoption
– Extending SharePoint with Third-Party Tools
– Governance

Attendees at the Master Class can download the deck at no charge, using the coupon code they have been given.

The deck is available for purchase by anyone interested in the contents. Note that all purchases come bundled with a 30-minute phone consultation on the contents of the deck.

To learn more, please see the details at resources.michaelsampson.net.