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Tony Byrne on Seamless Teamwork

Tony Byrne of CMS Watch just sent in his feedback on Seamless Teamwork:

Michael Sampson’s Seamless Teamwork is a very practical guide for the project manager or collaboration leader looking to employ SharePoint 2007. The book takes a unique, “outside-in” approach that doesn’t just go through SharePoint functionality feature by feature, but instead shows you how to use the platform from the perspective of key operational needs, like joint document editing and idea vetting. Before you settle on SharePoint as a teamwork platform, you should do your research, but if you decide to go with SharePoint, be sure to pick up a copy of this handy book.

A couple of points:
– Tony’s captured what the book attempts to do perfectly.
– if you are still in the evaluating SharePoint stage, my standard advice is to purchase the CMS Watch report on SharePoint. Do not proceed without getting this.
– if you are evaluating SharePoint to support collaboration, see my SharePoint 7 Pillars research report.

Thanks Tony!