Colligo Webinar on Getting Value from SharePoint: Q&A (Part 1 of 4)

In February, I was the guest speaker at a Colligo Networks webinar on 7 Ways to Get More from your SharePoint Deployment Now! There were a number of questions that were asked during the discussion that we didn’t get to on the day, so we said we would answer by blog (and email). So … question #1 …

Michael: Standardizing Metadata, Content Types and Templates

Michael asked: “We have multiple business units that have different processes and can’t seem to come to an agreement on standard metadata, content types, templates, etc. How do you create a standarization for SharePoint and where in the business should this standarization come from?”

My answer:
– It’s okay to do it at the business unit level
– Ultimately, you want SharePoint to support the business processes, and if there is wide variation, then SharePoint has to support that
– If there is wide variation, then do different site collections and set metadata, content types and templates as appropriate
– I suggest that you should look at Chapter 12 of my book, Seamless Teamwork … it talks about this more.

What else should be said in answering this question?

0 thoughts on “Colligo Webinar on Getting Value from SharePoint: Q&A (Part 1 of 4)

  1. I completely agree with standardizing this on a business unit or departmental level. Trying to place restrictions on a company wide level will restrict innovation & collaboration rather then stimulate it.
    Ideally you would have a group of early adopters in a slightly more technical department. Together with them you can then agree on standardization which is catered to their needs. When discussing the standardization be sure to include the people that are actually going to use this.
    As other business units are brought on board, you would have to revisit the standardization process. Undoubtedly similarities will emerge making it easier to repeat the process for the remaining business units.
    All the above is just my opinion however and I’m more then eager to hear how others look at this.

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