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“Developing an Organizational KM Strategy” (Keith De La Rue, AcKnowledge Consulting)

In the second-to-last session of the day before the roundtables (and given that I’m doing the last one, I won’t be blogging it), Keith De La Rue is talking about Developing an Organizational KM Strategy. Keith’s slides will be posted on

– the knowledge sharing toolkit they developed at Telstra
– keeping content up-to-date
– dealing with knowledge hoarding
– using multiple media (applying social media principles)

Building a Knowledge Toolkit
– dealing with experts in product marketing teams, and how they supported business (and consumer) customers
– the KM approach … used a variety of media tools … made no distinction between content, communication and learning
– three elements to the toolkit:
– … online document library (internal and external documents, standard document templates, based on Notes/Domino … for workflow tools, for browser access and mobile device access … 3300 entries, 90% had documents as links or embedded)
– … weekly web-based newsletter
– … online briefing

The agreements:
– every document had to own each document (with a name on the document)
– had to manage entry status, currency and validity
– guides and training provided
– control hand-over as required … when leaving, when going on a long vacation

The procedure:
– 90-day timer on every entry … “entry last updated” date displayed
– auto review reminder emails to contributor
– automatic archive at 90 days
– entries could be deleted if archived if 104 days with no action

The problem? People not reviewing the document attachment … so needed to introduce more procedure to confirm content review
– log sign-off and sent to manager
– for files more than 12 months old … monthly scorecard to senior management

The audience (sales people) were very involved.
– they wanted to sell solutions to the customers
– increasingly time-poor
– offered a feedback form … for these people to send a message to the contributor
– ability to use 5-star rating on documents

Dealing with Knowledge Hoarding
– For some groups, were able to tie knowledge sharing activities to pay
– Started small … but management support critical
– “is that on the iStore?” … this was the expected behaviour
– iStore uploads became part of the Product Launch process (if the product documentation wasn’t up, the KM team could stop a product from going out to market)
– key was to make it simple … to use, and to share knowledge
– … eg, some mandatory metadata, some optional extras
– … eg, ensure clarity in classifications
– building a community around content providers … quarterly email newsletter, statistics on usage

Using Multiple Media: Or Social Media Principles
David Snowden, “knowledge can only ever be volunteered, not forced”.

Made this an open system … anyone can edit anything (create, update or change)

Very little violation of trust.

Other things:
– weekly newsletter, with links
– weekly audio and web conference
– slide packs up into iStore, as well as the audio recording
– helps the time-poor audience

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More on the conference: see #bs7im on Twitter

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