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“The Googlization of Everything” (Kim Sbarcea, ThinkingShift)

Kim Sbarcea is talking about the The Googlization of Everything. Lots of different social networks on the Internet … Twitter, Flickr … but … wants to talk about “information and knowledge to be free”, and the tension in that.

Facebook … taken a while to get onboard with Facebook … but has recently taken the leap.
– Facebook is “the new email”
– creates a new way of enabling social networks … create it, tap into it
– the tension: the company can turn around and change the terms of service two weeks ago … “we will own your information from now on.”
– … more insidious … “Facebook can sub-license any information with or without consent”
– … there was a big back-lash
– … the community turned and created the “Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” group … to talk back to Facebook management
– … 48 hours later … Facebook did an about-face (the power of the users)

Google: Don’t Be Evil
– Huge market share
– Some management people think that everything on Google is true and accurate
– There are many questions that we need to ask about Google
– Back at the beginning … Google play on the name of 1 ^ 100
– Kim hates … Google Street View (big questions about privacy)
– Google Latitude … pinpoint everyone and everything
– Google Docs … all of our content in their stuff
– Google Book Search … huge copyright issues
– Google Health …
– Google Electricity … ??

Google has brought a lot of innovation to the market … but there are privacy issues.

Eg, Google Health … see
– does this disturb the “privilege” between you and your doctor?
– or will Google link your health problems to AdSense?
– new option to link mobile medicine devices into Google health account
– information can be free, but only as long as we can ask questions about it.

Don’t rely on us
– researcher did research on bankruptcies … “bankrupties 2008” into Google search … gave up an article out of date re United Airlines from 2002 on bankruptcy … with no date on it.
– … posted about it … and United Airlines dropped 75% of market valuation
– … but … Google is blameless … it didn’t do anything wrong (but what is it responsible for?)

Our Reaction?
– the power lies with us. There is a lot of lazy stuff going on … eg, it’s very easy to find things … but we’re going to need to explore wider
– we are starting to lose critical thinking skills
– we are too curious … we are switched on more than we are switched off. Too many pressures for now-now-now.

What can we do?
– Web 2.0 is a saviour for us … it creates connectivity between people
– offers an opportunity for testing knowledge quickly through blogs and Twitter
– can shape public identity through social networks
– has to be a building of trust between people through social networks

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